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Veterinary Medicine Bursary Application


Saddle Hills County provide a Veterinary Medicine Bursary program to eligible students to promote post-secondary education in veterinary medicine and encourage rural large animal veterinary practice, as per policy AG27 Veterinary Medicine Bursary Program.

Applications should be submitted no later than July 15 of the current year.

For more information, or help completing this application, contact Agricultural Services at (780) 864-3760 or


Eligible students shall:

  • Be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary veterinary medicine program;
  • Complete the application form;
  • Write a paragraph of at least 500 words detailing their future career plans;
  • Supply two letters of reference;
  • Submit all required information to Saddle Hills County by July 15”‘of the current year.

The Applicants shall:

  • Be given priority if they primarily reside within the G5;
  • Be considered for each year enrolled in a recognized post-secondary veterinary medicine program;
  • Be given priority for years which require clinical rotations;
  • Be given priority if specializing in large animal veterinary medicine;
  • Be eligible to receive the bursary for multiple years.



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