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Tree Seedling Program Order Form

Please fill out and submit all sections of the form, including the Tree Planting Agreement.

Orders will be accepted until December 13, 2024, species marked with an * have limited quantities.

When available quantities are spoken for a waiting list will be created. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee you will receive any seedlings.

Seedlings will be available for pickup at Saddle Hills County Administrative Building, and you will be contacted for pick up date and time.

We reserve the right to substitute within similar species (ie. Spruce may be Hybrid/Blue/White etc.) due to potential availability issues.

Minimum order is one bundle or tree (if applicable), and orders must be placed per bundle.

Seedlings and Trees

Species and number of seedlings (per bundle)

Number of bundles

Cost per bundle/tree

Total Cost (number of bundles X cost per bundle)

White Spruce (15 seedlings per bundle)

$37.50 per bundle

Colorado (blue) Spruce (15 seedlings per bundle)

$37.50 per bundle

Lodgepole Pine (15 seedlings per bundle)

$37.50 per bundle

Hybrid Spruce (15 seedlings per bundle)

$37.50 per bundle

White Birch (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Saskatoons (10 seedlings per bundle)*

$27.50 per bundle

Trembling Aspen (6 seedlings per bundle)

$16.50 per bundle

Hybrid Poplar (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Chokecherry (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Red Osier Dogwood (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Golden Willow (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Bebb Willow (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Silver Buffaloberry (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Sea Buckthorn (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Common Lilac (10 seedlings per bundle)

$27.50 per bundle

Amber Maple (1 single tree)*

$9.00 per tree

Sensation Lilac (1 single tree)*

$15.00 per tree

Dwarf Spruce (1 single tree)*

$9.00 per tree

Subtotal (prior to GST)



Once you have submitted your order, Administration will check on availability and get in touch to confirm the order and total cost. Payment is due upon order confirmation.


Tree Planting Agreement

Using this image, draw where on the section of land you do not want sprayed, as well as any landmarks. Scan the completed image and upload it in the space to the right. Use the following shorthand to indicate landmarks:

F.S. - Farmstead

D. - Dugout

C. - Culverts

S. - Shelterbelts

XX. - Waterruns

G. - Garden


Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

Trees purchased through the Saddle Hills County Tree Seedling Program must be:

  • Planted within the boundaries of Saddle Hills County;
  • Planted on land which the participant owns and pays municipal taxes on;
  • Planted a minimum of 10 ft from the boundary of any County Right-of-Way;
  • Planted at least 15 m away from any power line, if the planted tree will grow in excess of 13 m in height.

By signing and submitting this form, you agree all the stipulations listed above have been met.

Exceptions to planting restrictions may be approved by the Administration on an individual basis.

Or check this box, which functions as your legal signature.

Notice of Collection

Protection of Privacy - The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for the purpose of evaluating eligibility for "Do Not Spray Agreements" in Saddle Hills County. Direct any questions about this collection to:  FOIP Coordinator, Saddle Hills County, RR 1, Spirit River, Alberta, Canada, T0H 3G0, 1-888-864-3760.

Please send me a pdf copy of this form

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